Video Horse Racing

For parties, fundraisers, or any other type of event, create an engaging and unique experience your guests will remember!

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"The Home Stretch Horse Racing"


  • 4 Hours of Horse Racing

  • 4 Betting booths with attendants

  • Racing programs (up to 200)

  • 1- 2000 lumen projector and 5 x 7 rear projection screen

  • Pipe & drape dress kit

  • 1 Master of Ceremonies

  • 1 DJ/Audio Video Technician for background or dance music

  • The running of the horse racing videos

How It Works

Horse racing begins with the first race.
The horses' names and odds are projected onto the screen for nine minutes.
Guests go to betting booths. Minimum $10 and maximum $100 bets per horse. 
A bell rings and the screen says “Betting booths are now closed, one minute until the 
first race begins."
MC says “And they're off!” The race is run and called.
The horses cross the finish line and the screen flashes “Photo Finish, The results in a moment.”
The Photo Finish snapshot is projected onto the screen, along with the payoffs for Win, Place and Show.
The results are up on the screen for five minutes.
After 5 minutes, the trumpets sound, and the second race is projected onto the screen, and the program repeats.

  • Without pausing the racing program, we can have 75 to 100 guests bet every race.

  • Extra booths are $400 each. Extra programs are $1.25 each.

  • Larger or multiple screens and projectors are quoted per event.

or call (714) 744-3818